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Engineered Cold Cell 1613 in the Sheriff Cannon Detention Center, Charleston, South Carolina


8 Cold Cell Deaths


Intensive Management Cold Cells

Suicide Watch Cold Cells

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Whole Cell Block and Accidental Cold Cells

8 Cold Cell Deaths

Names of Hypothermic Cold Cell Deaths:

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1. 2003 - Illinois - Charles Platcher - Died of hypothermia in suicide watch cold cell.

2. 2003 - Columbia, South Carolina - Bobby Ray Mott - Died of hypothermia in suicide watch cold cell.

3. 2006 - Miami, Florida - Willie Daniels - Died of hypothermia in suicide watch cold cell.

4. 2008 - South Carolina - Lee Prison - Jerome Laudman - Died of complications of hypothermia and sepsis.

5. 2012 - Pompano Beach, Florida - Raleigh Priester - Died of a cumulative of hypothermia, pneumonia, dehydration, malnourishment, and a raging infection.

6. 2012 - California State Prison - Unknown Name Inmate - Inmate had repeated episodes of hypothermia in cold cell, last time killed him.

7. 2012 - Buffalo, New York - Daniel Pantera - Died of hypothermia in a solitary confinement cold cell.

8. 2014 - Detriot, Michigan - David Stojcevski - Stripped naked and lock in cold cell, died of contributions including hypothermia.



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