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On December 9, 2014, the US Senate Intelligence Committee published their long anticipated report that had garnered a name called The CIA Torture Report.

Gul Rahman tortured to death in cold cell

The CIA tortured to death an innocent Muslim kid named Gul Rahman using, Cold Cell, or Induced Hypothermia, and he died from the hypothermia.

On page 102 of the report, in the footnote on Gul Rahman is found:

CIA interrogators used sleep deprivation, facial slap, use of cold (including cold cells and cold showers), "hard takedowns," dietary manipulation, nudity, and light deprivation on Gul Rahman.

They physically attacked and beat Rahman then stripped him naked below the waist and chained him to the floor in a 45-degree cold cell. He died a slow hypothermic death, just like Jesus.

A slow hypothermic death is the most painful death a human can endure, because it takes six to nine hours of intense and severe pain , shivering, grinding and chattering of teeth, violent body shakes and jerks, then panic and fear, then something so dreadful happens that doctor's call it paradoxical undressing, or terminal burrowing. Then death occurs.

[Ancient Rome used slow hypothermic death as capital punishment, one was crucifixion, the second was when prisons were overcrowded guards would extinguish warming fires and deaths would then follow freeing up space.]

Induced Hypothermia, Ice Baths, Cold Water Dousing

One of the ten Enhance Interrogation Techniques, is cold cell, or, Induced Hypothermia, sometimes called, water dousing. The ice bath's were new information.

On page 4 of 19 of the report:

The CIA placed detainees in ice water baths.

On page 16 of 499 of the report:

They include Abu Hudhaifa, who was subjected to ice water baths and 66 hours of standing sleep deprivation before being released because the CIA discovered he was likely not the person he was believed to be.

On page 89 of 499 of the report:

After being rendered to CIA custody, Majid Khan was subjected by the CIA to sleep deprivation, nudity, and dietary manipulation, and may have been subjected to an ice water bath.

On page 96 of 499 of the report:

Other interrogations using the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques took place at a CIA [redacted] in Country [redacted], at which at least one CIA detainee was submerged in a bathtub filled with ice water.

[Ice bath's were made famous by Adolf Hitler's evil Dr. Sigmund Rasher's Hypothermia Temperature at Death Table10, Dr. Rasher picked 300 Jewish and Allied war prisoners to volunteer to be subjected to ice baths, with their body temperature being recorded when they died. After 100 or so deaths, the table was complete. While modern medicine cannot use data gathered by such means, in the case of hypothermia the table could never be recreated again, so some will admit its reference.]

On page 63 of the report, the ice water dousing on Gul Rahman is described followed by a night in a cold cell in shackles:

One cold water shower was described by a CIA linguist; Rahman was placed back under the cold water by the guards at [CIA OFFICER l]'s direction. Rahman was so cold that he could barely utter his alias. According to [the on-site linguist], the entire process lasted no more than 20 minutes. It was intended to lower Rahman's resistance and was not for hygienic reasons. At the conclusion of the shower, Rahman was moved to one of the four sleep deprivation cells where he was left shivering for hours or overnight with his hand chained over his head.

Gul Rahman was not only tortured to death, he suffered repeated days and nights in cold cells, cold ice water showers.

What was Redacted?

From what is around the redactions, some appear in regards the deaths of other detainees. Perhaps they are those three reported by NBC News in 2004.1. The article by Andrea Mitchell reports three detainees were beaten to death by CIA officers, and further that Delta Force, and Navy Seals were involved.

Mr. Mon Adel al Jamadi, one of the three men beaten to death, was an innocent Muslim man, died while being interrogated in the infamous Abu Ghraib prison by CIA officers in 2003. Although tortured in an infamous cold cell called, the hole, his autopsy determined he was beaten to death. If you remember the Abu Ghraib pictures2 of a dead man packed with bags of ice; that was Mr. al Jamadi. He was a peace loving family man as it turned out.

US Department of Justice

On June 30, 2011, US Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed 99 out of 1013 supposed CIA torture cases, leaving only two for investigation as to the filing of criminal charges against CIA officers. The two cases were the cold cell deaths of Gul Rahman and Mon Adel al Jamadi, from above.

On August 30. 2012, as Mitt Romney took to the stage to accept his party's nomination for President; Attorney General Holder reported that no criminal charges would be filed as to the two CIA deaths4. The story made the news websites, but dropped off without much notice.

The US Courts Dismissed Every Torture Lawsuit9

Those non-citizen's that were tortured did not fare too well in the US Courts, as every lawsuit dealing with torture was dismissed. For those that were tortured and were US citizens, they did not do well either, all of their suits were dismissed.9 The US Courts are not open for business when it comes to torture.

What about all the domestic cold cell deaths in our jails and prisons?

The Federal Courts, that were the traditional vicars of prison safeties, fully condone and legally support cold cell torture and cold cell homicide. Hypothermia can start at ambient temperatures of 71 degrees F and lower, the federal case law is such that the judges will not take any action unless there is ice on the walls (32 degrees F). It is not against the law to freeze to death in a cold cell (unless there is ice on the walls); according to the judges own written opinions and orders.

Conflicts of Interest

1. It was the DOJ that wrote a letter to the CIA5 authorizing cold cell torture, and President Bush issued memo's approving cold cell torture; 6 so of course the DOJ will not file charges against the CIA officers.

2. The FBI (which is under the DOJ) uses Cold Cell torture as well, via their own admissions; 7 so it's an I got your back kind of thing.

3. Cold Cell Torture is in use all over the US8 in jails, prisons, border patrol detention centers, the military brigs, and Gitmo, so there is an incentive to not have the story go viral.


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Torture Lawsuits Dismissed:
US Supreme Court: Lebron/Padilla v. Rumsfeld, No. 11-1277, asking, Whether federal officials responsible for the torture of an American citizen on American soil may be sued for damages under the Constitution. Petition Denied on June 11, 2012. See SupremeCourt.gov Copy of petition (internal link: docs/padilla_supremect_appeal.pdf)
Bardes is a regular citizen tortured in a cold cell in Charleston, SC in April of 2006,
PACER: Bardes v. Magera (2:08-cv-00487-PMD-RSC). Fourth Circuit CA 09-2191 & 10-1944. SCOTUS: No. 10-8581, asking, Is hypothermic near death torture a violation of the Constitution? Petition Denied March 28, 2011.
PACER: Bardes v. The State of South Carolina (1:11-cv-999-CCE-LPA). Fourth Circuit CA No. 13-2133 (09/13/2013) Suit dismissed as frivolous.

See Wikipedia's Nazi Human Experimentation page at (external link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_human_experimentation)

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