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A Miami Harold article,1 February 8, 2006 - Miami, Florida:

A mentally ill inmate confined to the 9th floor psychiatric wing of the Miami/Dade jail, Willie Daniels, was found dead in his cell of profound hypothermia, his body temperature was 79 degrees.

How can an inmate freeze to death in hot Miami? It is 100 degrees outside, yet the jail's air conditioner is set to winter?

Known well by the inmates, the Miami/Dade jail's 9th floor psychiatric wing is where the punishment is meted out. What was designed to be for the mentally ill, the 9th floor cell block became the punishment area for solitary confinement and maximum security inmates, as well as the mentally ill. The temperature in the cell block is super chilled to deadly levels. Without means to stay alive, the inmates die of hypothermia. As did Willie Daniels in 2006.

The DOJ demands the killing to stop

Spawned from a series of questionable inmate deaths in the 9th floor psychiatric wing of the Miami/Dade jail, Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez, issued a 40 page demand letter2 saying,

We conclude that there is a pattern and practice of constitutional violations in the correctional facilities operated by MDCR [Miami/Dade], and as a result of the unconstitutional operation of the jail, prisoners have suffered grievous harm, including death.

On page 11 of the letter, Attorney Perez cites the hypothermic conditions of the 9th floor psychiatric wing,

The floors are often very cold, as the poor circulation of the wing's air-conditioning traps the cold air in the cells causing the temperature in the cells to drop as much as 20 degrees below room temperature.

Miami/Dade Jail Ignores DOJ

Less than a year later, on June 23, 2012, the guards burned an inmate to death3 as a punishment for being mentally ill. Inmate Darren Rainey was locked in a small shower stall; the guards disabled the cold water pipes so only steaming hot water hit Rainey. As Darren screamed out to be saved, the guards ignored his cries and later returned to find him dead, his skin having shriveled off of his body, having been burned alive.

Two years later, the medical examiner has yet to publish a cause of death, and no guards have ever been charged with a crime, nor will they, and the DOJ won't act either.

Darren Rainey's horrific murder is one of the most grotesque and disfiguring that we have encountered, usually hypothermia is the preferred technique to kill because it leaves no wounds, no blood, and after time can't be drawn as a cause of death, and most are passed off as suicides.

Yet in America's vacation capital, the jail freezes and burns inmates to death, and no one with do anything otherwise.


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