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Cold Cell 107, White County Jail, Tennessee

The sheriff of White County, Tennessee, has a hypothermic cold cell in the booking area of his jail, similar to Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina. This cold cell is named, Cell 107.

In 2004 Warden Wilson dragged inmate Joshua Roberson out of the cell block and all the way to the booking area, stripped him to his boxers, wrapped him in a straight jacket, and locked him inside cold cell 107 for three weeks.

Warden Wilson is serving a 20 year prison sentence for the effort. He lost his appeal, United States v. Wilson (No. 07-5825, US COA 6th Circuit), and the following testimony is lifted from the appeal:

Page 5, line 4, According to the corrections officers, the concrete floors and vent caused cell 107 to become cold.

Page 2, line 18, Wilson ordered Officer Weldon and several other corrections officers to bring Roberson to the intake area of the Jail, place him in a straightjacket, and lock him in one of the intensive management or "intake" cells.

Page 3, line 14, While at the hospital, Wilson told Officer Farrell to relay orders to the other corrections officers that Roberson be kept in cell 107 in his boxer shorts and a straightjacket "23 hours a day" until Wilson said differently.

Page 5, Corrections officers testified that, as a result of his conditions of confinement, [Roberson] was just sort of limp and that he didn't have much life at all. (Tr. Vol. II at 116.) Roberson also became pale and thin, withdrawn (Tr. Vol. V at 105), and appeared confused and dazed (Tr. Vol. V-B at 66) while confined in cell 107.


See PACER: United States v. Wilson (No. 07-5825, US COA 6th Circuit)

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