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Cold Cell Torture: Locking an inmate into a cell made so cold the victim has no means to keep themselves alive. Their body temperature is forcibly reduced until dead. At 50 degrees, it takes around nine (9) hours for a person to die of hypothermia.

CIA use of cold cell torture: George Walker Bush, Dick Cheney, and the CIA used cold cell torture to brutally kill two innocent Muslims. Bush torture just produced false claims, as the victims made up fake plots just to stop the torture, sending resources on wild goose chases. The entire Bush torture program was for naught; amounted to just wanton torturous murder.

Domestic (jails and prisons) use of cold cell torture: We average killing two domestic inmates a year with cold cell torture. Locked in the cold cell too long, with no way to stay alive. Popular in use because cold cell torture solicits prolonged painful punishment while inducing desired behaviors without leaving any marks, bruises, or blood evidence. Hypothermia has become a leading cause of preventable death in our jails and prisons. Cold cell hypothermic torture is now more widespread in use than ever before.

7/14/2024 - The "Deep State" Trump Promised to Destroy, Just Failed to Kill Him

We know each President has their own "deep state" of placed people loyal to them long out of office, and that George W. Bush's "deep state" is the largest of the inside groups and the one that controls the CIA.

Because the Trump assassination shooting has the hallmark of a CIA recruited killer going on a suicide mission under brainwashing and threats of killing family members, in the same manner as all those CIA recruited killers who came before them - same modus operandi.

George W Bush, Dick Cheney, the CIA, and the ten technology CEOs that joined their group of loyalists, were unable to rig the election as they did last time, giving them no other option but to kill Trump, lest Trump destroy them. Using the same bag of tricks that always worked before.

Except this time, they missed. Donald Trump knows all of the above, what he does next now enraged with revenge will be telling.

5/19/2024 - "How do you get hypothermia in a prison?" the investigator asked. "You shouldn't."

An AP article went viral in the news about a Virginia prison who beat an inmate to death after five hospitalizations for hypothermia. Inmate Charles Givens survived five emergency room visits for near death hypothermia, after round the clock cold cell torture and ice-water torture, only to be beaten to death. The prison, Marion Correctional Treatment Center for the mentally ill, had thirteen inmate hospitalizations over a number of years.

A federal lawsuit brought by family members, revealed the same brutal cold cell torture, ice baths, beaten frozen to death murder that Goerge W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the CIA/FBI used to torture to death innocent Muslims.

We are worse than Russia.

Three days later on 5/22/2024, the below article shows the initial reaction from the fallout. Lawmakers in Virginia are about to crack open a well-protected gauntlet surrounding cold cell torture, revealing the largest most deadly scandal in American History.

Lawmakers call for further inquiry into Virginia prison that had hypothermia hospitalizations
Leading Virginia Democrats say recently uncovered hypothermia hospitalizations among inmates at a Virginia prison deserve further scrutiny
By SARAH RANKIN Associated Press May 22, 2024, 5:53 PM

3/23/2024 - On 3/18/24, the US Supreme Court denied my petition calling for a new Constitution and new government.

The corruption of our government is complete. There is basically no one in charge anymore, the corruption has permeated every level of government. The current situation is untenable. Without serious course correction, our nation is lost. Only God can save the United States now.

All I can do is continue to sue those responsible for destroying our nation. I will be filing Bardes v. Bush 2.0 in short order. The battle to defeat Gog and Magog continues. Babylon must fall.

3/4/2024 - Medical examiner declares cold cell death of Alabama inmate Tony Mitchell as homicide due to hypothermia.

The investigation found Tony Mitchell was brutally killed with frigid cold air locked in an engineered cold cell. In what marks definitive proof of engineered cold cells, criminal charges may come forth.

See USA TODAY article Alabama man jailed in 'the freezer' died of homicide due to hypothermia, records show by Natalie Neysa Alund.

1/17/2024 - Petition docketed at the US Supreme Court. Calling for a new Constitution and new government.

A legal revolution has begun. Includes indirect evidence George W. Bush, the CIA, and a group of technology CEOs rigged the 2020 election. "Babylon" is falling.

For the Petition, you can visit supremecourt.gov and search the docket for bardes or here is a copy: Bardes-Bush-Petition-1-17-2024.pdf

7/15/2023 - Bringing awareness to, and then an end, to our nations use of Cold Cell Torture has been one man's quest for 17 years now.

When I, David Bardes, first put up this website in 2010, there were no listings in Google, and the only visitors were George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, the CIA, and FBI, along with others trying to keep Cold Cell Torture a secret (because they murdered innocent Muslims with Cold Cell Torture.)

Today, Google has 20 pages of listings on cold cell torture, yet another band published a song called "Cold Cell Torture," and lawsuits are coming weekly for inmates suffering from or dying from cold cell torture.

The use of cold cell torture is so prolific today, there is no one not using it. Meanwhile, the federal government is trapped in their own corruption still protecting Bush, Cheney, the CIA and FBI from prosecution for their heinous cold cell murders. As a result, cold cell torture continues.

Please spread the word to others, share the website. We must take our nation back from these unrepentant criminals.

7/14/2023 - The widespread use of cold cell torture has reached an epidemic level: More lawsuits by the day.

In Tennessee's Silverdale Detention Center: Chattanooga attorney Josh Weiss said at different points since his November arrest, Chen has been without water, moved to a cell covered in feces, faced freezing cold temperatures and been denied toiletries.

Cold, dirty cells: Mr. Chen was brought out into the attorney-client meeting area wearing a short-sleeved red jumpsuit. He was visibly shivering and shaking, and his teeth were chattering hard enough that he could barely speak,' Weiss' letter said, adding that temperatures had dipped to single digits and the wind chill made it feel colder. 'I had to request a blanket to wrap around him just so he could speak coherently. The jail staff I saw were wearing multiple layers, jackets, and hats and here is my client, wearing a short-sleeved jumpsuit. This is unacceptable.'

The letter, obtained by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, said Chen was only allowed to wear a T-shirt and underwear while in his cell, which had air conditioning running in December. Chen was only given the short-sleeved jumpsuit to wear when he visited with his attorney, according to the letter.

Article: https://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2023/jul/04/chattanooga-attorney-jason-chen-silverdale-jail-tfp/

7/6/2023 - NPR Reports: They said her disabled brother died in prison naturally. A lawsuit alleges otherwise.

Though she didn't realize it at the time, she would last see her brother alive in December 2021 when he was hospitalized for pneumonia and hypothermia, Hobbs said. The fact that he suffered from hypothermia while being incarcerated raised some red flags and concerns, but she didn't have any reason to think beyond what prison officials were telling her, she said.

Hobbs and her attorneys allege that while in the shower room for nearly 20 minutes, these officers dumped buckets of freezing-cold water on Givens, whipped him with towels and punched him.

Givens died from being beaten to death. Article here: NPR Article

This sounds very much like the Bush and Cheney murder of Gul Rahman, an innocent Muslim kid tortured to death because he resisted. They thought he was hiding something, so they savagly beat him breaking bones, then froze him to death.

6/16/2023 - Los Angeles Times reports two county inmates died from hypothermic coma, one in 2022, one in 2023.

LA Times Reports Amid the jails' struggles with heat and warm clothing, the report said two people died in custody during the late fall of 2022 and early winter of 2023, after experiencing 'symptoms consistent with hypothermic arrest.'

Here is the article: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2023-06-15/hypothermia-suspected-in-the-deaths-of-2-l-a-county-inmates-last-winter

6/14/2023 - Xi Jinping summoned Bill Gates to Beijing to account for his lies.

In 2018, when China busted their own citizen, the President of Interpol, with accepting bribes from George W. Bush to pay the three International Criminal Court judges to thwart their investigation into Bush war crimes, China had the choice of either going public with the damning evidence against Bush, or keeping the secrets in return for power and control over the United States.

This was also the period where several technology CEO's joined George W. Bush's circle of corruption and crime, including Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Tim Cook. George W. Bush asked Bill Gates to lead the negotiations with China's Xi Jinping to protect themselves from our laws.

After tense negotiations, China agreed to remain silent and protect the killers from our laws. Now five (5) years later, the situation with Bush crimes has grown far worse. Bill Gates was busted bribing the federal judge to dismiss my lawsuit against them. My websites and book are still on the Internet, and cold cell torture is now killing an average of three Americans a year. The last cold cell murder went viral in the news. China was told cold cell torture does not exist, and was a figment of my imagination. Now China has learned they were lied to by Bill Gates, George W. Bush, and the CIA.

Bill Gates just Tweeted that he landed in Beijing and is meeting with Xi Jinping on Friday. Being called to account for their lies, and doing damage control is on their agenda?

5/30/2023 - Filed my appeal with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals today.

Here is the Appeal-Bardes-v-Bush-5-30-2023.pdf

5/25/2023 - Found another cold cell torture death, murdered on 12/26/2022, that makes three deaths from 2022 alone.

Anthony Walker, 34, was tortured to death with hypothermia on 12/26/2022, in the DeKalb County, Georgia jail. Like so many of those before, Anthony was guilty of being mentally ill, stripped naked, and brutally tortured to death with the same torture that killed Jesus Christ.

From an article on Anthony's death:

A DeKalb County Medical Examiner report concluded that Walker's death was caused by hypothermia and was accidental. Another inmate who died a day after Walker, Jackson Orukpete, 57, was also found in a cold cell. The Medical Examiner said cold temperatures may have contributed to Orukpete's death, but it couldn't be proven.

The notice describes the actions of the jail staff as 'malicious' and accuses the jail staff of covering up the facts of Walker's death. According to the lawsuit and the medical examiner's report, Walker was naked and wet, both factors that contributed to his death by hypothermia. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that the temperature in Walker's cell was 50 degrees.

Article here: https://decaturish.com/2023/05/family-of-man-who-died-of-hypothermia-at-dekalb-county-jail-seeks-15-million-in-lawsuit/

3/24/2023 - Motion to Reconsider with evidence of corrupt judge filed today.

Here is the Motion to Reconsider

3/21/2023 - The federal judge who dismissed my lawsuit claiming my life's story is a fictional delusion, just got caught plotting corruption with my defendants.

If there was any doubt as to George Walker Bush and the CIA twisting federal judges to dismiss my lawsuits, what happened yesterday proves the suspected corruption as true fact.

Yesterday, 3/20/2023, at 5:04pm ET, someone at the "US Courts" in "Cincinnati, Ohio" (where Judge Cole works) visited "ColdCellTorture.com" first, then "DavidBardes.com" having come from Google.com. Also visiting at the same time, indicating a joint meeting, was Bill Gates, Larry Page, the CIA, and someone in Washington State (perhaps a lawyer of Gates/Microsoft?)

The topic of their secret meeting was obviously me and my websites. Websites that depict my defendants in a grim light. While it is unknown what the purpose of their ex-parte meeting was, the existence of their meeting alone, proves back door underground corruption.

Judge Cole used haughty words to cast my life's story as having no basis in reality, saying there is no way it could even happen, case dismissed. Not only does the law require this crooked judge be fired, but also prosecuted and imprisoned.

But if Judge Cole, the higher judge, can be so easily bought, logic concludes the magistrate judge, who diagnosed me insane and my story a fantastical delusion, was also compromised. This is money, power, and influence at work at the very top.

Here is the website log file of their clandestine meeting.

3/11/2023 - My first book review, from Federal Judge Douglas R. Cole...David Bardes tells a truly extraordinary story - one that could be ripped from the pages of a political thriller.

CINCINNATI - On March 6, 2023, Federal Judge Douglas R. Cole dismissed my lawsuit against George Walker Bush as pure fiction. Never happened. George Bush succeeded with corruption once again. Unless the story spreads and is actually true. Judge for yourself, see DavidBardes.com and ColdCellTorture.com.

2/24/2023 - The Largest Corruption Scandal in USA History is Now Unfolding - The Massive Cover Up of Hypothermic Cold Cell Torture/Murder, just to protect George Walker Bush from the law.

CINCINNATI - For two decades, counties, states and the federal government have kept secret their prolific use of hypothermic cold cell torture - even killing innocents just to keep it covered it up. But if not for the increasing number of cold dead bodies flowing out of our jails and prisons, each tortured to death in deliberately refrigerated cold air, locked in specially engineered freezers until dead, we would have no idea all this torture and killing was occurring.

The cold air is used as torture because it leaves behind no evidence, no scars, and produces no blood. As the victims die a brutal death just like Jesus, they are so cold they cannot even scream out for help. Worse, you cannot see cold in pictures or videos, and there is no way to prove a person was cold, further no one believes inmates anyway.

The cold air is also the preferred method to kill and dispose of inmates not wanted, as their deaths can be passed off as heart attacks or seizures, and medical examiners can never detect hypothermia after a number of hours anyway, so they just rubber stamp what the captors claimed for the inmate deaths.

Twenty-nine days ago, the textbook example of this exact scenario played out near Birmingham, Alabama. See the below post. That story spread nationwide and hundreds of stories were published, and talk shows discussed cold cell torture. What was once a fiercely denied secret, long denied by the CIA and George Bush to protect themselves from our laws against torture, is now about to crack open their entire racket. Then we can finally address and end the use of cold cell torture.

2/14/2023 - Alabama: Mentally ill inmate brutally tortured to death with cold cell torture.

ALABAMA - Anthony Mitchell, 33, stipped naked and locked in a suicide watch cold cell, died of hypothemria on 1/26/2023, with a rectal temperature of 72 degrees.

Article: Mentally ill inmate tased, frozen to death in Alabama jail, suit alleges - Published: 2/14/2023, 9:51am

While Tony (Anthony Mitchell, 33) languished naked and dying of hypothermia, the lawsuit says, numerous corrections officers and medical staff wandered over to his open cell door to spectate and be entertained by his condition.

This case, the suit says, therefore presents an appalling question: how does a man literally freeze to death while incarcerated in a modern climate-controlled jail, in the custody and care of corrections officers?

This is the worst case of inmate abuse I have ever seen, said attorney for the estate, Jon Goldfarb.

Security footage from 4 a.m. that morning showed Mitchell lying naked on a pile of trash on the cement floor of his cell as officers laughed at him, according to the suit. Video also showed jail nurse, Alicia Herron, enter the cell and spend a couple of minutes inside, appearing to give no medical treatment, according to the suit.

1/21/2023 - Today marks seven (7) years since my petition at the supreme court ended the TortureGate Corruption Scandal.

CINCINNATI - Read the TortureGate downfall timeline: TortureGateTimeLine.pdf.

For a detailed description of the two periods where George Walker Bush, Dick Cheney, the CIA, and the technology CEO's tried to kill me, read TheExile.pdf.

12/21/2022 - Filed objections to the magistrate's report and recommendations.

CINCINNATI - For Bardes v. Bush (1:22-cv-290) lawsuit documents, see davidbardes.com.

10/30/2022 - From Hitler to Bush to your local jail...victims of cold cell torture in pictures.

6/8/2022 - Dauphin County jail cells were 'ice cold' days before a prisoner died.

"County officials said 45-year-old Jamal Crummel had hypothermia, but have yet to say whether it contributed to his death." - This is common, as medical examiners are careful to rule on homocide to protect fellow officials.

"Her son's prison cell was so cold, ice had formed on the inside of a window. Not the outside, she said. The inside. He could touch it."

Article: Dauphin County jail cells were 'ice cold' days before a prisoner died

6/2/2022 - Cold Cell Torture at the newest federal prison.

At Thomson, some call it "the dungeon" or "the torture room."

"To be chained down inside of an ice cold cell where the restraints are cutting into your flesh, forced to defecate and urinate on yourself...is torture," one man incarcerated at Thomson wrote in a letter to reporters.

Marshall Project Article: How the Newest Federal Prison Became One of the Deadliest

2/7/2022 - Inmate Jamal Crummel dies while hypothermic in a chilled 62-degree cell.

We will not be able to address the cold cell inmate deaths in our jails and prisons, until we as a nation prosecute George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the CIA torturers. Because literally everyone is still protecting them from prosecution for their use of cold cell torture to brutally torture to death innocent victims.

This inmate, Jamal Crummel, was locked in a cell at 62 degrees, and died while hypothermic. The exact cause of death was not listed, as medical examiners are reluctant to rule homicide to protect the authorities, but his body temperature was recorded in the range of hypothermic coma and death.

Family wants to know why man had hypothermia when he died in county prison

ABC News: Investigation of Dauphin County inmate continues; people concerned about decisions made

11/19/2021 - Mentally ill inmate killed with hypothermia while on suicide watch, the nurse was fired.

The most common cold cell deaths happen on suicide watch, under the watchful eyes of nurses. This inmate Marcus Morris died of hypothermia and the nurse was fired.

Quotes from article: "In December 2020, while officials were drafting the new contract, a man died from hypothermia inside his cell and a CorrectHealth nurse was dismissed from her job in response. Hours before his death, the nurse had concluded Marcus Morris, 61, was experiencing mental health issues, not in need of urgent medical care. The coroner ruled his manner of death natural."

Officials hope new firm can provide better jail medical care, keep Baton Rouge inmates alive

11/14/2021 - Hypothermia contributing factor to another cold cell death.

Inmate Joseph Hehrer died in 2019 from a long list of ailments. His body temperature was 93.6 degrees F, making hypothermia a contributing factor.

Clinton County officials to claim qualified immunity in lawsuit

4/27/2019 - Yet another mentally ill inmate was murdered with hypothermic torture, proving cold cell murder is still widely practiced in the United States.

Mentally ill inmate Edward Robinson III was awaiting placement in a mental institution, but instead was locked in an "administrative segregation unit" punishment block cold cell to suffer a brutal hypothermic murder. The 6:00am morning guards noticed Edward was lethargic and not moving, and called for a nurse. The nurse made the decision at 9:15am to let him die on the cold floor. By 11:00am Edward was dead, frozen to death, and the initial autopsy ruled the cause of death to be hypothermia. Due to the fallout the cause of death was later ruled "death by natural causes."

Edward's family lawyer was quoted in an article:

"Edward Robinson III did not die of natural causes, he died as a result of negligence," Rogers said in a statement. "Lake County Sheriff's deputies ignored Edward after he collapsed, and they allowed him to lay on the cold cement floor of his cell for hours without medical assistance."

Attempts were made to blame the hypothermic murder on Edward's medication, but hypothermia can only be caused by air temperatures of 71 degrees F or lower. Edward's core body temperature was 84 degrees F when he was declared dead at the hospital.

The ultimate responsibly for Edward's murder now falls on those who continue to refuse to stop the cold cell murders: Bush2, Cheney, Biden, Obama, Trump, Pence, all the criminal federal judges, the Republican supreme court justices, Senator Burr, the entire GOP, the CIA, FBI, DOJ, along with Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Larry Page, and Satya at Microsoft. Who all continue to choose their mass corruption for profit at the cost of more murdered citizens.

Article in the Chicago Tribune here.

1/9/2019 - Letter to Chief Justice Roberts demanding his resignation in disgrace to our great nation.

I asked the chief justice: "Your corruption tragically effected the murders of scores of innocent citizens, so how can you officiate over anything having to do with any law, when you are a lawless murderer yourself? How are you any different of a killer than the inmates you routinely execute for being killers too?"

Letter here: Dear-Supreme-Justice-Roberts.pdf

1/8/2019 - After spending 13 years trying to stop our presidents and vice presidents from brutally torturing to death babies, children, women, and men, I appeal to you to do something to help clean up the morass. Your nation needs you.

President Obama had a young child on the border strapped down to the "chair of death" and affixed a bag over his head suffocating the boy to death. More US citizens were brutally tortured to death with hypothermic torture under P. Obama than any of the other elected killers. Vice President Mike Pence as governor had his sheriff drag an inmate outside into the frigid winter cold, stripped him naked and tied him to the chair of death, then poured buckets of cold water over the victim until dead. Now this sadist is our Vice President. President Trump made good on his campaign promise to bring back torture by torturing crying babies and fearful children with the same death Rome gave Jesus.

Thankfully Jeb! Bush never became president, as when governor his jail had an entire wing dedicated to hypothermic murder, which Jeb used to freeze to death his inmates. Not to be outdone, brother George2 and Vice President Dick Cheney directed the CIA to brutally torture innocent Muslims to death because they resisted. Then Chief Justice Roberts directed every judge in the nation to dismiss every torture lawsuit, which just fueled the torture killing scores of more.

Am I to do everything alone; or will you at least do something to help your nation?

1/7/2019 - Turning the tables exposing world-wide deep state corruption on a scale never known possible.

Today marks 666 weeks to the day, since I was brutally tortured almost to death, and now demarcates the end of my patient silence. It is now time for me to speak boldly. The scale and depth of the corruption, and the players involved, will shock any decent minded person.

Details on specifically engineered punishment cold cells: Engineered punishment cold cells, consisting of small one man concrete cells, near or underneath the air-conditioning air handler, instead of having air vents with louvers, they have a hole in the wall covered by a steel grate, due to the blasting high velocity force of the super chilled 45 degree F air. Sheriff's claim they are only used for torture, and not designed to kill. But for those victims not removed in enough time, torture becomes murder. Click on above picture to view the large vents in the cold cell in the Sheriff Cannon Detention Center in Charleston, South Carolina.

10/9/2018 - Tortured children similar to Lancaster, Ohio from 2014.

As more information filters in from the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Detention Center lawsuits on the homicides, it is similar to the Lancaster, Ohio cold cell torture victims where an article stated "The lawsuit alleges that juveniles were repeatedly placed in solitary confinement for periods of up to 40 days with temperatures in the mid-50s in the holding cells. The lawsuit alleges the juveniles were frequently kept nearly naked without access to blankets, and as a result of this suffered symptoms of frostbite, including blisters and purplish-blue skin on their fingers and toes. Juveniles also suffered symptoms of hypothermia, including uncontrollable shivering and chattering of teeth, dizziness, nausea, and confusion, the lawsuit contends.

Further along the plaintiff's lawyer, Attorney Edward Forman, is quoted:

"These conditions were truly horrific," Forman said. "No human being should ever be subjected to conditions like this, and certainly not children. How can we ever expect to reform and help juvenile offenders when we treat them this way?"

The lawsuit referenced is a federal suit in the Southern District, Eastern Division case No. 2:14-cv-01608, as found in PACER.

7/4/2018 - Tortured babies "cry from hunger and cold" and pregnant women "faint...who cannot stand the pain..." This evil knows no bounds.

A CNN article today reports hand written letters from asylum seekers and their babies being brutally tortured with hypothermic torture. One mother wrote of the babies "...They cry from hunger and cold..." and "The pregnant women faint, and also the women who cannot stand the pain..." Blankets are denied because it defeats the torture, as one mother wrote they "slept on the floor under 'aluminum paper' blankets." First Lady Laura Bush heroically spoke out against this abuse, but her own husband is the main perpetrator of the continued use of hypothermic murder.

6/21/2018 - Young immigrants brutally tortured with cold cell hypothermic torture in Virginia.

Trump and Pence now join Obama, Biden, Bush2, and Cheney for their love affair of brutally torturing people to death, but this time Trump and Pence are torturing immigrant children as young as fourteen. In the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center near Staunton, Virginia, immigrant children are beaten until bones are broken, then stripped naked and locked in hypothermic torture cold cells, in the punishment cell block called "Alpha Pod." See: CBS News article and also CNN article.

5/10/2018 - US torture program was the creation of VP Dick Cheney.

It is painfully clear the US torture program was the creation of VP Dick Cheney, a demon possessed pitiless slayer. And George Bush2 went along with it, not having any moral fiber or principles himself. This butcher Cheney just gave an interview to FoxNews in support of torturing more innocent Muslims to death, but FoxNews thankfully banished the interview to Fox Business, which is telling. But the interview proves torture was Cheney's murderous plot from the beginning. These cowards brought disgrace upon our great nation, and according to the law must be prosecuted and executed.

3/3/2018 - On June 26, 2003, President George W. Bush made a statement on torture that read in part:

Today, on the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the United States declares its strong solidarity with torture victims across the world. Torture anywhere is an affront to human dignity everywhere. We are committed to building a world where human rights are respected and protected by the rule of law.

Freedom from torture is an inalienable human right. The Convention Against Torture ... forbids governments from deliberately inflicting severe physical or mental pain... Yet torture continues to be practiced around the world by rogue regimes... These despicable crimes cannot be tolerated by a world committed to justice.

The United States is committed to the world-wide elimination of torture and we are leading this fight by example. I call on all governments to join with the United States and the community of law-abiding nations in prohibiting, investigating, and prosecuting all acts of torture and in undertaking to prevent other cruel and unusual punishment.

Link to the full press release.

11/21/2017 - International Criminal Court (ICC) to Investigate CIA/Bush2 Cold Cell Torture.

The prosecutor for the ICC petitioned the court to open an investigation into P. Bush2, VP Cheney, CIA torture doctors, and other CIA operatives, widespread use of cold cell torture, other war crimes, and other crimes against humanity, in secret torture camps in Afghanistan and other countries, during the 2002-2004 time period. During which an innocent Muslim kid was brutally tortured until frozen to death because he resisted. An AP article cites the courts jurisdiction because the US refused to hold anyone accountable. See article Here. (Last year VP Mike Pence tortured and froze to death an Indiana citizen with the same cold cell murder P. Bush2 used on the Muslims. Proving neither Pence nor Trump value human life.)

7/17/2017 - The Torturegate Murder Corruption Scandal Story is Now a Free Book: 'nspeakable Pain'

The story of President George Walker Bush, VP Dick Cheney, and the US Supreme Court justices deep involvement and failed cover-up in the Torturegate Murder Corruption Scandal, and how it came to end.

Free book as a PDF: UnspeakablePain.pdf

Or, in summary format of the TortureGate downfall timeline: TortureGateTimeLine.pdf

7/7/2017 - Vice President Mike Pence brutally murdered one of his inmates with hypothermic torture/murder on September 28, 2016.

Former Indiana Governor Mike Pence, now Vice President, brutally tortured to death Fort Wayne inmate Jeremy Oswalt with hypothermic torture/murder on September 28, 2016. Oswalt was taken outside to the cold, stripped naked, tied to a chair, and had buckets of cold water poured over his head, shivering violently he was then locked in a cold cell and froze to death. Also denied water and food, the medical examiner listed cause of death as hypothermia, dehydration and lack of nutrition. See article: Journal Gazette.

8/18/2016 - A federal judge released highly embarrassing pictures of immigrants being tortured in a hypothermic cold cell by the Border Patrol.

A federal judge released highly embarrassing pictures of immigrants being tortured in a hypothermic cold cell by the Border Patrol, after lying about it for two years. Outside in Arizona it is 100 degrees but inside the cells are super chilled to sub-hypothermic levels leaving vicitms wrapped in emergency blankets just to keep from being murdered in the cold. See LA Times article here.

6/6/2016 - The US Supreme Court brings an end to cold cell torture, ending TortureGate.

On the day the Supreme Court denied my petition, denying me justice, I ended up winning what I was suing for, the end of hypothermic torture/homicide in the United States. No longer with protections from the higher courts, cold cell torture is coming to a swift end.

The eight remaining justice sent out the clarion call to no longer dismiss torture cases. Hours later a federal judge in Seattle did not dismiss a lawsuit from three CIA torture victims, one who died of hypothermia and represented by his family.

In what shocked not just the legal community, but Internationally, the first signs of accountability allowed the ACLU case Salim et al v. Mitchell et al (2:15-cv-00286-JLQ) to roll into discovery, something never allowed before.

Then South Carolina settled an 11-year class action lawsuit from prison inmates protesting the hypothermic conditions inflicted upon the mentally ill, and those they killed.

On 6/15/2016 the CIA finally released a trove of documents detailing their brutal torture methods such never before seen on any scale. The ACLU calls them evidence of war crimes. Read an interview with the ACLU lawyer. And see CNN article here.

On 7/12/2016 the State of New York sued a jail medical provider over three inmate deaths, one tortured to death with hypothermia in a cold cell. See article here.

It seems the floodgates have opened as more and more fallout from my lawsuit is unfolding in the news almost daily.

4/15/2016 - US Supreme Court 'DENIED' my petition today. There will be no justice for me, but I sure hope for others.

Today the US Supreme Court denied my petition (15-983) asking if citizens being tortured to death was a violation of the Constitution.

3/18/2016 - US Supreme Court voted to postpone my vote until April 15th.

On March 18th the US Supreme Court voted to not vote on my petition, instead rescheduled for April 15, 2016. It seems they need more time.

2/24/2016 - US Supreme Court set to vote on March 18th.

The eight remaining justices at the US Supreme Court will vote on my petition to outlaw hypothermic torture/murder in a conference vote on March 18th.

1/21/2016 - Submitted petition to the US Supreme Court.

After twelve years on a long and difficult road the journey is a success.

US Supreme Court Petition: PetitionBardesAuldSupremeCourt_2_2_2016.pdf.

Case Documents:

US District Court Complaint - Bardes v. Auld (1:15-cv-214-MR-DLH) BardesvAULD.pdf
US District Court post-judicial motion to reverse: MotiontoReconsider.pdf
US 4th Cir. Court of Appeals: AppealFinal.pdf

1/19/2016 - US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals sends me off to the Supreme Court.

Today the US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals denied my appeal finding "no errors" in the lower court. This gives me what I had hoped, being able to petition the Supreme Court with my Constitutional question. A second time.

11/19/2015 - US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has my appeal.

The US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, received and docketed my appeal. The lawsuit is now in their hands. A copy of the Appeal: AppealFinal.pdf.

10/9/2015 - Found another hypothermic death.

Reported on September 25, 2015, yet another inmate died of hypothermic torture, this time in Michigan.

Inmate David Stojcevski was stripped naked and locked in a mental health cold cell, and his slow death was videotaped. The date of death was June 27, 2014.

David was jailed for unpaid tickets, and paid for it with his life.

10/6/2015 - Received an order dismissing my lawsuit.

I received a four page order dismissing my lawsuit because federal Judge Martin Reidinger finds it legally frivolous, with no need for application of law.

See Judge Martin Reidinger's order: dismiss.pdf.

See my motion to reverse in response: Motion.

9/29/2015 - I filed my federal lawsuit last week.

My ten page lawsuit, Bardes v. Auld (1:15-cv-214-MR-DLH) US Courts Western Distrct of North Carolina, is here: BardesvAULD.pdf.

8/14/2015 - Jeb Bush won't rule out bringing back hypothermic homicide and hypothermic torture.

In 2006 Jeb! Bush as governor of Florida tortured to death one of his inmates with hypothermia in the Miami/Dade jail, see Miami/Dade Page.

Questioned in Iowa on the issue of reauthorizing his brother's use of hypothermic torture and hypothermic homicide, Jeb Bush replied, "I'm not ruling anything in or out…"

See See CNN article here.

7/28/2015 - Durham, NC Jail - It is 90 degrees outside, but frigid inside the jail.

With an outside temperature of 100 degrees, Sheriff Michael Andrews has the air conditioner cranked up in his jail to hypothermic levels. Amplify Voices, the jail's watchdog group, reports a letter from an inmate, "Everything is going pretty bad in here. It's very cold temperatures in this jail, mostly in the cell. But I ask the officers can they turn up the heat, but it never get done. We have to put on all of our clothes just to stay warm."

See Amplify Voices Inmate Letter.

Update 8/9/2015 - another inmate letter tells of the punishment for those trying to commit suicide, they are stripped naked and locked in a hypothermic cell, the letter reads, "And the best they do for that is take your clothes, put you in an empty cell with no mat freezing cold." See this inmate letter here: Inmate Letter.

7/13/2015 - APA and the start of their torture doctors being held accountable.

The three top executives of the American Psychological Association (APA) are forced out over the fallout from a 566 page report on their member's orchestration of enhanced torture techniques that included cold cell, ice baths, and ice showers that resulted in deaths. Their members coordinated the torture with the DoD, the CIA, George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld. This is the first and only accounting so far and hopefully may lead to criminal charges against Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.

See Guardian article here and torture report here.

1/11/2015 - South Carolina pays $1.2 million to family of cold cell victim tortured to death with hypothermia.

This is a landmark case for cold cell victims; it appears the flood gates have opened. See AP Article or Greenville News article.

1/1/2015 - Durham, NC - Fifty protestors marched and banged drums around the Durham Jail last night to protest the hypothermic conditions and lack of edible food.

Kudos to the protestors! Story developing, see the protestor's website: amplifyvoices.com, or read the article from our local Fox affiliate: http://myfox8.com/2015/01/01/prisoners-protest-held-in-downtown-durham/.

12/9/2014 - The Marshall Project of NYC published, “It’s Not the Heat: Prison inmates are dying of cold. Why?.

Article Here. or, https://www.themarshallproject.org.

12/9/2014 - The US Senate Report on CIA Torture was released this morning.

As expected the report goes into detail about the cold cell hypothermic torture and homicide of Gul Rahman, an innocent Muslim kid, in 2002. Induced hypothermia, ice baths, and cold ice water showers rounds out the most widely used EIT. See the CIA Page.

My senator, Richard "Dick" Burr, is on the record calling the report "fiction."

11/11/2014 - Found three more cold cell deaths, and five juveniles tortured in cold cells.

The deaths were in Pompano Beach, Florida, Buffalo, New York, and California. The Juvenile's are in Lancaster, Ohio.

10/30/2014 - Paul Faust tortured in cold cell until he plead guilty to a crime he did not commit.

I want to thank Paul Faust for contacting me with his story. In 2006 Paul was falsely accused of a crime and locked in a Louisville, Kentucky jail solitary confinement cold cell until he plead guilty just to stop from being murdered in the cold.

See the Paul Faust Story.

7/11/2014 - Chaos at our border reveals the CBP [Customs & Border Protection] is torturing the immigrants, women and children, with cold cell torture.

See the Border Patrol Page.

4/9/2014 - Found another hypothermia inmate death.

See Lee Correctional Prison inmate Jerome Laudman's hypothermic death page.

7/19/2013 - California State's Pelican Bay Prison employed hypothermic punishment.

See the Reuters article at the Pelican Bay Prison Page.

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